At Saylor Lane, we believe that Healthcare ailments and diseases do not define the person.

We view each resident as a person with a story and social needs. As such, we are here to assist with the social needs of our residents, such as returning to the community, obtaining insurance coverage, and coordinating community resources. Everyone has different needs and our Social Worker is here to assist!

Our Activities program

is designed to provide activities tailored to each resident’s physical capabilities. Some residents may want to paint a masterpiece, others may simply want to watch a ballgame, some like to play cards or bingo. Our activities program serves to meet the individual needs of each resident. Families are welcome to participate with their loved ones.


“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” This quote by Hippocrates sums up our view on food. Nutrition is a key factor in each resident’s recovery. Our dietary team lead by a Certified Dietary Manager and overseen by our Registered Dietitian ensure that each resident receives the proper diet while monitoring their weight regularly. If there is something on the menu you don’t like (we all avoid certain things), we have alternates that can be provided instead.